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David Alorka is a presenter, content creator and live event host who is one of the most exciting talents working in sport and entertainment. He is fast becoming a much in demand TV presenter with a deep passion and understanding for sport, culture and entertainment.

Over the past few years he has gained a reputation for his ability to breathe life, energy and passion into some of the biggest sporting events and media opportunities, as a charismatic and professional live host as well as an expert content creator. His credits include working with some of the biggest and best brands, broadcasters and governing bodies, including Red Bull, the FIA, NFL, TNT, DAZN, The FA, Nike and JD to name just a few.

David is a natural storyteller and his content is renowned for is aesthetic quality and narrative. Highly regarded by brands, athletes and talent-agencies for his ability to bring out the personality and character of interviewees; be it fans of the game or some of the biggest sporting stars. David’s infectious and charming personality has made him immensely popular across Football, F1, Boxing and NFL.

From the late Kobe Bryant and Diego Maradona to Anthony Joshua, Gordon Ramsay David has worked with a host of tier one names in the world of sport and beyond. The quality of his video work sets him apart, and the relationships he builds with athletes on camera is why brands and broadcasters alike continuously use and trust David with their social audience and brand ambassadors.

David lives in London but with a love of travel, can often be found jetting across the world creating some great personal content for his audience. 2024 looks set to be his biggest year yet.

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