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Kathryn Burn is a television personality, inspiring entrepreneur, and influential content creator who rose to fame as a firm fan-favourite after cementing her place in the final of BBC1’s The Apprentice, series 16.

Kathryn, who hails from Swindon, may not have walked away from The Apprentice final with Lord Sugar’s investment, but she did walk away with both respect and the backing of the fans, amassing the biggest social following from the series and a host of presenting offers and brand collaborations.

Since the series ended, Kathryn has relaunched her textile business, Pyjamily, with her latest pyjama collection, as seen on the show, selling out almost instantly. She is now a regular studio guest on C4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, discussing a range of topics - from mortgages and finance to fashion. She has also made countless appearances on media outlets across the nation, including a weekly stint on BBC Network radio, airing her thoughts after each weeks’ new Apprentice episodes.

Passionate about financially educating the younger generation, this is a topic Kathryn firmly believes all students should be taught at school. Before her time as a fully qualified mortgage advisor in her early twenties, Kathryn knew very little about mortgages but soon learned the importance of financial education from the countless amount of young adults getting their mortgages rejected. She is keen to lead the change and start teaching these key life skills.

Kathryn is currently providing motivational talks and workshops in schools, offering students business and inspirational advice. She is keen to inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs and teach the future boardroom leaders that you can still achieve success and a prosperous business without having to follow the conventional route.

She effortlessly balances her unapologetic drive, business ambition and acumen with her passion for health and wealth-being, fitness, travel, music, and property, breaking down stereotypical perceptions with integrity and grace as she goes.  

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