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Crown Media Round-Up (01/06/2018)

Craig Mitch has been presenting all online content for England FA and the World Cup. He started by interviewing manager Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane for the captaincy announcement, and today he was live at England's last training session, before they face Nigeria in their warm-up match.

On Thursday Dr Hazel Wallace attended her first ever TED Talk in Glasgow, where she spoke to over 2000 young people about the effects that exercise has on your health.

Last week, Remel London and the What’s Up TV team attended The Big London Bake, London’s first pop up bake off, where they challenged each other to produce some yummy bakes in 90 minutes!

Suzi Perry is in Tuscany this weekend for the Italian Moto GP. All coverage will be on BT Sports, as well as Suzi's in-depth interviews with Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Márquez.

Stacey Solomon will be attending The British Soap Awards on Saturday. For the first time ever the awards will be broadcast live on ITV at 8pm, when all winners will be announced!

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