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Becky Hill is back

Our very own Becky Hill is back! Her new single "Sunrise In The East" launched yesterday, with its first radio play on MistaJam’s BBC 1xtra show as it’s ‘Jam Hot’ track.

In her own words: "I’ve taken my own label Eko Records and joined forces with Polydor for a whole new chapter in my career, and we’re finally releasing music together... we’ve all worked hard to make sure this is the highest quality music I can make".

Popjustice's Peter Robinson said "Becky’s new material marks the true arrival of one of British pop’s best-kept secrets". Read the review and interview with Becky here.

The song has been co-written by Maverick Sabre and Peter “Lostboy” Rycroft, and is available to stream and download now in the link below

It's an exciting start with lots more to come from Becky this summer! Stay tuned…

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